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Translation Equipment for Lease

Transmitters and Receivers+ Mixer

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  • North Ash Street

Service Description

At OneShot Translation, we offer a comprehensive simultaneous translation equipment for lease service to meet your event's needs. We provide state-of-the-art equipment, including receivers, transmitters, and mixers, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication during multilingual conferences, meetings, and events. Here are the key features of our simultaneous translation equipment for lease service: Receiver Systems: We provide high-quality wireless receiver systems that allow event participants to listen to the translated content in their preferred language. Our receivers are compact, lightweight, and designed for user convenience. They offer crystal-clear audio reception, ensuring participants can understand the translated message without any disruptions. Transmitter Systems: Our transmitter systems are designed to facilitate seamless interpretation delivery. Our professional-grade transmitters ensure that the interpreters' voice is transmitted clearly to the participants' receivers. They have a wide coverage range and are equipped with advanced features to minimize interference and maximize audio clarity. Interpreter Booths: For events requiring on-site simultaneous interpretation, we offer soundproof interpreter booths. These booths provide interpreters with a quiet environment to deliver accurate translations without distractions. Our interpreter booths meet international standards, ensuring optimal working conditions for interpreters and maintaining a professional setup for your event. Headsets and Microphones: We provide comfortable and reliable headsets and microphones for interpreters. These high-quality devices ensure clear and crisp audio transmission, allowing interpreters to deliver translations accurately and without any disturbances. Mixer and Control Systems: Our simultaneous translation equipment includes audio mixers and control systems. These devices allow event organizers and technicians to control the audio levels, manage language channels, and ensure smooth operation throughout the event. Our technical team will assist with the setup and operation of the mixer and control systems, ensuring a seamless experience. Technical Support: We understand the importance of technical assistance during your event. Our experienced technicians will be present on-site to set up the equipment, troubleshoot any issues, and provide support throughout the event. We ensure that the simultaneous translation equipment operates flawlessly, allowing y

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  • 76 North Ash Street, Brockton, MA 02301, USA


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